eyes wide shut thumb

Eyes Wide Shut

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Design Vision

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He defended artifice and imagination vs. the so-called “natural.”

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Proliferation of Forms

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“Are we not straying as though through an infinite nothingness?”

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Hyperbolic Perfectionism


Bathing Beauties at Paragon Park


Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadische Ballet.


A philosopher who didn’t take anything seriously.


Idle pursuits of 2014 so far

vuitton connery

British Cosmo­politanism


The Grand Duke Cyril’s ice sled, 1911

West and Ward

What we published in July, August, and September 2014!

virgin atlantic

Utopian Vision

honda cr-v

Envelope Pushing

Cici and Ash at their Brooklyn bookstore Singularity & Co.

The digital book club for forgotten thrillers is up and running.

ruth page

Ruth Page’s 1928 solo “Ballet Scaffolding”


Anything Is Possible

hamilton beware

“Beware! A Warning to Suffragists”


Cutting Edge


Selfie Hipsters.

fenton ash

Fenton Ash’s 1909 YA novel A Trip to Mars

honda civic

Scientific Method

red bull

Reality Warp