Eat your heart out, Indiana Jones.

Though he ended up on the world’s biggest stages, he was a mensch.

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Watching Kirk vs. Gorn

His twisted, manic art paved the way for today’s highbrow comics scene.


A selection of 4CP images curated by Joe Alterio

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Joe Alterio on a panel from BLACK PANTHER (1977)

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“The Libyan student sank like a stone.”

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Confidential memo from the US Embassy in Cairo.


“Putin’s eyes turn to those of a killer.”


In Panama, smuggled cash is laundered at the airport.


Q for Saddam Hussein: “What are your intentions?”

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“They’re confused by the corrupt excesses of capitalism.”


“Would you like me to hold a trial and then hang them?”


Ramzan danced clumsily with his gold-plated automatic…


Private martial arts clubs are used for “special tasks”…


The Prime Minister danced alone and animatedly…


His gameplay design questioned the medium’s bedrock assumptions.

The skewed, cynical vision of an anti-Disney.

Her cheesecore saga challenged the pieties of fantasy.

One can only hope one’s highlights are as brilliant as his.

His rockabilly was an act of defiant generational treachery.

On view now at New York’s Storefront for Art & Architecture…

Astronauts: thought-out, but not too thought-out

Panter and Burns: the secrets of artistic collab­orat­ion