He invites us to fail better with our every attempt to explore his sonic presence.

larry david

“Just Say ‘Nah…’”


He reclaimed the rhythms of the body and the industrial machine.


“Uhzz, I really don’t feel very well.”

Greg Rowland vs. MUSHROOM SHAKER

“Žižek the ‘Z’, Super-Fast-Special Word-Bee!”

“U is Umberto, likes comics and prose”

“P is for Propp, saying fables were samey but all slightly bent.”

“M is for Marx, an old guy with a beard.”

“K is Kristeva, a favorite of mine.”

“F is Foucault of ‘Knowledge is Power’.”

“Derrida (‘D’) confused lots of folks”

foucault screenshot

Nursery rhymes for seriously precocious children!

kirk nomad thumb

Kirk browbeats NOMAD

He pushed the Hammond’s delicacy and dirt the furthest.

Psychedelic spy shenanigans, laced with Dali, Welles, Kirby and Eisner.

His name did not optimize his brand equities.

yip thum

A single glimpse of his commix will send you insane.

A selection of 4CP images curated by Greg Rowland


Socratic irony… elenctic method, or Skrull stratagem?

price thumb

His spooky-measured voice evoked a civilized darkness.

France had Existentialism; England had Hancock.


Nimoy vs. the Vulcan Sub-Presence Manifestation Utility.


Greg Rowland on a panel from THE FANTASTIC FOUR (1970)