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Gary Panter on THE PASSAGE


Catastrophic collage boxes and birdcages.

Richard Lindner's SHOOT (1969)

A world of seedy, jazzy, criminal, sexed-up human monsters.

Nuns standing in front of a Poons painting, c. 1963

Optically giving, mind-teasing, unabashedly beautiful paintings.


Without him, The Sixties as we know them might not have happened.

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Gary Panter on SHE’S NOT THERE


His violent Tarzan comics were as cool and still as a bas relief.


He abandoned kids’ comics and pioneered Pop.


Warning messages, hysterical laughter, the cawing of crows and buzzards.

His Frankenstein was serious, then comical, then scary.

Gary Panter vs. DIVE MASK

The Queen of the Beatniks produced a psych masterpiece in 1969.

Grotesque distorted candy-color figures twist and writhe.

One of the most wigged-out artists on Earth.

He is still ahead of the glitter rock curve and pulling away.

His cartoons ring a very specific important curdled cultural alarm bell.

She produces all- encompassing psychic dot events.

He consumed humanity and spit out a mirror.

Masterpieces of graphic provocation and subversion.

A politicized Pop Art inspiration.

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He inspired a movement of self-aware, less cool folk artists.

Everyone sprouts big square teeth when they’re angry!

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Obscene, slander­ous, jaw-dropping satirical pic­torial indict­ments

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Shockingly vital and hysterical, yet serenely stoic