"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
28 Panterpanter thumb

Gary Panter on THE PASSAGE


Catastrophic collage boxes and birdcages.

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Richard Lindner's SHOOT (1969)Richard Lindner's SHOOT (1969)

A world of seedy, jazzy, criminal, sexed-up human monsters.

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poons orange crushNuns standing in front of a Poons painting, c. 1963

Optically giving, mind-teasing, unabashedly beautiful paintings.


Without him, The Sixties as we know them might not have happened.

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Gary Panter on SHE’S NOT THERE


His violent Tarzan comics were as cool and still as a bas relief.

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Shigeru Sugiurasugiura

He abandoned kids’ comics and pioneered Pop.

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Warning messages, hysterical laughter, the cawing of crows and buzzards.

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His Frankenstein was serious, then comical, then scary.


Gary Panter vs. DIVE MASK

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The Queen of the Beatniks produced a psych masterpiece in 1969.


Grotesque distorted candy-color figures twist and writhe.


One of the most wigged-out artists on Earth.


He is still ahead of the glitter rock curve and pulling away.

Lantz crew3

His cartoons ring a very specific important curdled cultural alarm bell.

Yayoi Kusama 1965

She produces all- encompassing psychic dot events.


He consumed humanity and spit out a mirror.

schenkel money closeup

Masterpieces of graphic provocation and subversion.


A politicized Pop Art inspiration.

hc-westermannwest th

He inspired a movement of self-aware, less cool folk artists.


Everyone sprouts big square teeth when they’re angry!

Saigon, 1967 — by Peter Saulsaul thumb

Obscene, slander­ous, jaw-dropping satirical pic­torial indict­ments

yokoo2yokoo thumb 2

Shockingly vital and hysterical, yet serenely stoic