corben thumb

He brought countercultural humor into sword and sorcery.


Hacking the belly of the beast that has swallowed us up.


Rhizomes, assemblages, and abstract machines.


His flat sub-ironic tone is at once his method and “message.”

pauline lab

Machines can be absurd, surprising, ridiculous, sublime.

Alan Moore

A restive blue-collar visionary.


Theorist of the “temporary autonomous zone.”


The most heavy metal of fin-de-siècle French artists.


Woozy chromaticism, electronica goofs, shaggy-dog ragas.


Rick Griffin, Superstar — Part Two

Rick Griffin, Superstar — Part One

We’ve lost our humanity, but at least sometimes we realize it.

Nog, by Rudy Wurlitzer

Liking It, As Is: Shakespeare on the Cusp

The Hashish Eater

Chasing the Tengu

Ligeti’s Requiem Mass: Cosmic choral chaos

On Hating the GRE

Modernism and Magic

The Psychedelic Reader: A New Introduction

What does the cosmos sound like?

Catherine Yrowonde’s Lucky Mojo cornucopia.


Erik Davis visits the Temples of Damanhur.

In his sunken city, the dead cutie-pie lies dreaming.