He gave himself to Tiny Tim, and Tiny gave himself to us.

The first legal drink at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, 1933

He made it his business to be provocatively uncongenial.

jimmy cliff

An outlaw hero who found mainstream fame.

bunuel thumb

He gave Surrealism its smell.

Edgar Allan Poe

The tubercular cousin in our family of vigorous visionaries.


The morose or blissful episodes of life as it is lived.


A convincingly defeatist song about the end of the world.

Eddington photograph confirming Einstein's theory that light "bends"

As interested in the possible as he was in the proven.


“Where you keep them motherfuckin broom?”


Deliverance from chaos and meaningless is their obsession.


The individual’s mastication in the teeth of the modern state.


Harris is the Jack Lemmon of now.


Hannibal Lecter purely represents a set of American angers and anxieties.


He invented a sound and lost his mind.

billy stewart - summertime

Trills, swoops, jungle calls, and deviations from the straight line.

If he can make a comeback, maybe the human race can too.

She opened every lock in your personal house of love.

For him jazz was never simply music, it was life.

She was the elusive study of vastly differing auteurs.

He wrote of wandering minds and dark surmise.

Rock’n'roll and soul infused with humor, gravity, and sex.

In his poetry, Nature is eerily alive, a conspiracy of omens.