No matter what, the shark research continued.

menten thumb

She laid the groundwork for the field of biochemistry.


Inspiring role model and cautionary tale.

kira r

Not only a seminal post-punk bassist, but a cool geek.


She pioneered human-readable program­ming language.

bech thum

A cartoonist to watch out for.

Her sketch of the DNA helix has entered science history.

Gay themes, bondage, and erotica wrapped in catchy melodies.

Let’s ask the right questions…

A selection of 4CP images curated by Deb Chachra

gordon thum

“I felt my job was not to become a good bass player.”


Genre actors can be asked to play roles that are seven kinds of impossible.

Her research bore fruit in a dozen mathematical fields.


Deb Chachra on a panel from CAPTAIN AMERICA (1976)