"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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Surreal, jazzy introductions to Mexican culture.

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carmen mondragoncarmen mondragon

Before Lady Gaga, there was Nahui Olín.


The Faulkner or Joyce of Mexican-American Texas.


She helped pioneer second-wave feminism.


Lights, camera, action suffuse the cadence of his sentences.

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chris warechris ware

Clockwork micro and macro tragedies awash in self-awareness.

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His murals transform, and transform you, as you stroll past them.

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Erotically charged mises-en-scène that make us think.

jaime hernandezhernandez

Clean-lined, india ink-borne graphic magic.

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Her feats of transub­stantiation were mesmerizing.

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burns black holeburns

His is a vision of Eden reimagined by Hieronymus Bosch.

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She inspired new critical fusions of poetics and analysis.

Mad 003 Bill Elder001Mad 003 Bill Elder001

He transmuted Barthes-like semiotic insights into comic schtick.

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paredesparedes thumb

An influential pioneer of Cultural Studies.

man rayman ray

Performance art before such a thing existed.

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His simple cartoon was deeply sophisticated.

Portrait of Modotti by Edward WestonPortrait of Modotti by Edward Weston

A synthesis of word, image, art, and revolution.

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She is not the passive object of your gaze.

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lupe_velez_1923velez thumb

She was more like a volcano than a spitfire.

rulfo photorulfo_2

His vision of Mexico was minimalist and tragic.

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juan grisjuan gris

A symphony of hard angles and rigid lines.

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flor gardunoGarduno

A world of allegory and stark juxtaposition.


She transformed the field of Comparative Literature — and me.


His presence is his lasting act of resistance.