He preserved and disseminated oral culture.

Twisting, wry and dolorous laments.

An anthropologist who studied “the muck.”

The painter’s substantial literary achievement is less well-known.

“Too much at stake: art, integrity, black power.”

His journalism about white tenant farmers became “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.”

If RFK hadn’t intervened, MLK would have been “dead as Kelsey’s nuts.”

“I’ve had a struggle all my life. I’m a colored man.”

“I had to burn a guy a little and they gave me a little time”

“Years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings.”

Awesome and devastating, yet naive and vulnerable.

“Showed a good bary and commercial routine that hypoed his Oriental appearance.”

Her empathetic brilliance is too often overlooked.

He wanted to destroy “the whole — how would you explain it — that exists.”

“It’s worthwhile knowing that Homer could nod.”

The high-life of the composer of “Molly On The Shore.”

Her energy, wit and lithe sexuality made her a star.

He was fluent in all jazz and classical idioms.

The irrepress­ible embod­iment of America’s racial ambi­guities

He made paradoxic human music of despair.

A critic indifferent to current pressures and public opinion

Spare, coiled works of un­settling philosoph­ical rigor

jayne thumb

Her dramatic potential was revealed in literary adaptations.

Unknown until word of his devotion to conjunto spread.