“Life is rhythm.”


A pioneering scholar of African American history.

gaddis therecognitions-1stEd

His obsessions: Christian theology, art, authenticity.


The greatest, funniest cartoons of New York’s gutter age.


Brian Berger on Grandmaster & Melle Mel’s “White Lines (Don’t Do It)” (1983)


His wild sounds set off waves of enthusiasm.


The visionary electronic composer who wrote the DR. WHO theme.


“SCHOOL DAZE sets race back 200 years.”

Federal Bureau of Prisons mugshot, c. 1944

“Physically, sexually he was the most compelling man I have ever seen.”


“I left Memphis to spread the news / Memphis women don’t wear no shoes”


“The greatest blues singer that I ever knew.”

Godowsky and admirer.

“The fingering and pedaling are often of a revolutionary character.”

jaxon thumb

Forget everything you thought you knew about “Half-Pint” Jaxon.

He preserved and disseminated oral culture.

Twisting, wry and dolorous laments.

An anthropologist who studied “the muck.”

The painter’s substantial literary achievement is less well-known.

“Too much at stake: art, integrity, black power.”

His journalism about white tenant farmers became “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.”

If RFK hadn’t intervened, MLK would have been “dead as Kelsey’s nuts.”

“I’ve had a struggle all my life. I’m a colored man.”

“I had to burn a guy a little and they gave me a little time”

“Years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings.”

Awesome and devastating, yet naive and vulnerable.