"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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Entertainment, grand landscapes, and dialectical troubles.


La propriété, c’est le vol.

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“We must get to the painting of ourselves, our history…”


His genius thrived in stages: chromatic, atonal, serial.

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He could adapt to and enliven nearly any musical situation.


She mined veins of melancholy, fatalistic, introspective truth.

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An unsurpassed fusion of energy, density, speed and lyricism.

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Handsome, quick-witted and casually virtuous.

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He played long, luminous tones on his trumpet.

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In search of roles commensurate with his ability and ethics.

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His talent stretched back to Yiddish theater.


He created a boldly self-contained sound world.

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Charlie Parker vs. feebleminded ofays.

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In 1968, a year of riots, he reached his ascendancy.

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A versatile virtuoso — from jazz to Hawaiian to country to pop.

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His Cold War movies predict Pynchon’s seriocomic acuities.

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She thrived in any musical context: jazz, blues, hokum, pop.


His career was a study in contrasts, brilliant and awful.

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“Throb, baffled and curious brain!”

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Freed by burnt cork, he became a phenomenon.

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He aimed to liberate America aesthetically and socially.

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“Cheyenne Autumn” almost made her famous.


A military comedy, a corporate espionage tale, a wicked sex romp.

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“Santa Claus Is A Black Man.”