"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell

Get deliberately lost, open every door, go where the crowd isn’t.


What becomes of the content rejected from the canon?

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Chicago is semi-porous: even now you can traverse the layers and see the bones where the roads hit the water.

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Telekinesis may rattle the flatware, electricity washes your dishes.

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Ghosts, Zombies and Facebook. OMG.

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Guiteau prayed and God showed him the way: ungrateful Garfield had to die.

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Alone in a strange city, I was obsessively checking twitter…

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Sharing more by engaging less.

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This post is the first in a three part mini-series on digital dérive, an idea I have been playing with lately. This particular dérive first appeared in my twitter stream in February, but this is the first time I have published it all together in one place. For another example, see: Dérive Does Dallas: Fair […]

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Sweeten your coffee a little more My banjo tune, and nothing else. Celebrate Christmas alone and come spring, we’ll count the wrinkles. I can’t write about Karel Gott properly, and I’ve tried. I can tell you facts, I can describe how  he worked his way up from a denied application to art school and a […]

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In late 2001, Soft Cell’s Marc Almond appeared with Rosenstolz on Eurovision as the guest musical artists. They performed a cover of the Klaus Nomi song Total Eclipse of the Sun. This video is an incredible layer of schmaltz with bizarre overtones. And it’s not clear in the least who, exactly, this performance is for. […]

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In naming the mechanical conveyances that carry us under our cities, I far prefer the word  subway to underground, metro, ubahn, tube, T. There is a mysticism inherent in subway that does not come through in the others. Sub of course synonymous with “under” but evoking a much more subtle layer of invisibility. Subsonic, subliminal, […]

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I have a recurring dream in which a house that I have just moved into contains a hidden panel, a door or passage that leads me to a room full of ephemera. The key element of this dream is a large collection of stuff which has been hidden from view for ages, locked away in […]

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A Letter (of Sorts) to my Readers (such as they may Be): In the parable of the brows I am still looking for mine. Some of my favorite performers simply shave theirs off. One of my favorite painters (or painter-myths, really) has only one. The long dark unibrow of the soul, with a glass of […]