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Annie Nocenti on THE KUBRICK


Going down the wrong roads can lead to the right ones.


“I’m a whore. I go where I’m kicked.”

Annie Nocenti vs. JFK BUST

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Captain Smirk

A selection of 4CP images curated by Annie Nocenti


Annie Nocenti on a panel from THE X-MEN (1964)


Haiti doesn’t let people turn into ever-cranking machines.

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My babies are my 40 students. I have no babies and lots of babies.

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The Mambos sway, dance, tremble, ready to be mounted by a Mystery.

will return next week.

When joy rises out of relentless muck, it is a joy like no other.


Whose rubble is it, anyway? Whose tragedy, whose problem?


What happens when you push an all-girl film crew?


The smeared lurching bodies of charcoal men are not easy to approach.


The girls have been through hell, and their yearning for joy is too intense.


My students are learning how to wait, watch, and grab reality as it unfolds.

If you’ve ever felt like an alien in your own life, NICHOLAS…

Brilliant, prescient, and obsessive, even in his disorder he was ahead of its time.

In the absence of a master, his shattered tableaux.

Ritualized action, cryptic symbols, repetitive narratives, altered states, and voyeurism.

A horde of swarthy besotted angels and devils warred for his tongue.

Every child dreams of running away and joining the circus. The 12-year-old…


His books were banned in America for decades, sparked a groundbreaking “obscenity…