Bridging irrecon­cilable ideas was the matrix of his art.

His panels and characters are bigger on the inside than on the surface.


Soul music was never more literal.


Adam McGovern on The Furious 5’s “Freedom” (1980)

The hyperreal detail of his sci-fi comics anticipated hi-res CGI.


Stairways, backrooms, sofas and regular but uncommon stages.


A torture-chamber of temporary adjustments.


Annie Nocenti’s new DC comic Katana.

Comics of deceptive simplicity and un-dupli­catable eloquence.

His stoic pulp and stylish brutality elevated superhero comics.

sherman thumb

The camera never smiled at her, and she’s not looking at you.

idoru 7 thumb

“Having trouble holding the illusion now?”

idoru 2 - 6 thumb

“The fraud gets so intricate it takes on a life of its own.”

idoru 5 thumb

“Discarded dreams are everywhere to be found out here.”

idoru 4 thumb

“You, I sense, are a dream without a dreamer.”

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“Belief resists reality — that’s what’s so much better about it!”

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“We know all, yet the code of human contact lies shattered at our feet.”

He’s heir to the old weird America.

idoru 1

“We plundered the treasurehouse of knowing”

He doesn’t presume to know who made us but he can tell what makes us how we are.

catwoman thumb

Annie Nocenti’s CATWOMAN has to create herself on her own

Captain Camelot

Her art reflected feelings that no one could speak.

His optimism was almost unreasonable, but we needed it.