She reminds us of the excitement and beauty inherent in aviation.


“Remember what connects people more than what separates them.”


“An art of ambiguity, contradiction, uncompleted gestures.”


“Pain… calls me over and wants to know the secret of reaching you”


From sharecropping to sharing crops.


The primary purpose of prison is not rehabilitation but repression.


This so-called “sick” comedian was brave, and he paid a price for it.

Kaprow photographed by Dennis Hopper in 1967

“Forget all the standard art forms.”

van sant

Devotion and desolation are his themes.


“I’d probably break down and cry.”

His wit, his sculpture, and his being have proven influential.

Visionary inventor infamous for her on-screen nudity.

Original pacing, gliding vowels, and a visceral commitment to the material.

The American who helped start the anti-Nazi German resistance.

He wasn’t crushed by exhaustion, frost, hunger, and endless humiliations.

“It’s not necessarily a happy world. We need to talk about this stuff.”

Backwards, in high heels, and brilliant

Sometimes it pays a man to keep his eyes closed.

Model, artist, photo­graph­er, surrealist, war correspon­dent.

They were so insep­arable they practically fused into each other.


Actors portray their own divorced parents, from verbatim interviews.


If you’re not in the right predicament, you will be eaten.

On a mission to end genocide and crimes against humanity.


Sammy Stewart and the music of boxing.