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Adrienne Crew on Dion Fortune’s THE SEA PRIESTESS


He mocked authority with irony and absurdity.

Self-Portrait, ca. 1917

He shot the most glamorous photo of all time.


He deserves to be known for more than wallpaper.

charley pride-6

He returned Southern Soul to its Country roots.

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“The Beguiling of Merlin” tells this painter’s own life story.


Adrienne Crew on “The Message” (1982)


He just may be pop-culture’s first postmodern man.


Like a comet, she appears now and then to dazzle us.

Mother Earth or a Galactic Goddess, naked and in distress.

Funk was brought to us by an alien race — not to mention Starchile.

Spaceships are danger­ous… and a source of rescue.


Pedro Bell, George Clinton, and the secret origins of Afrofuturism.

Beware!!! It’s… the avatar of lowbrow schlock-producers!!!

His escapist schlock helped get us into this mess.

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He was a transmedia personality before the word’s invention.

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Her steely eroticism lent a sense of refinement to depraved encounters.