"Neither highbrows nor lowbrows nor midbrows, but elastic-brows.” — George Orwell
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HiLobrow’s editor to speak at AWP in Boston today

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HiLobrow’s editor to speak at AWP in Boston on Friday the 8th

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Long-haired Beatles

Reading The Beatles as a congeries of contexts and conse­quences…

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“The Secrets and Surprises of DIY Promotion”

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Making appearances in Boston and Brooklyn

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Highbrow and lowbrow culture are amazing sources of joy and insight and wisdom.

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“Lose interest in yourself; gain interest in everyone else.”

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Our most trafficked posts of 2015, thus far.

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david johansen

HiLobrow highlights from the first quarter of 2015!

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Here’s what HiLobrow has in the works for the next three months.

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Yeah, you know JG.

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Here’s what we published in 2014!

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Josh at work in new Semiovox office.

Here’s what’s coming in January, February, and March.

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hi-lo iga

Here’s what’s coming in October, November, and December!

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Mimi Lipson’s debut story collection, coming in May!


What the author of The Idler’s Glossary accomplished in 2013.


Zinesters vs. journalists

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Hermenaut’s midwestern trek

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A glimpse of my zine collection before it goes to the U. of Iowa Library.


Sleeping rough, normatively.

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A Lone Apple Falls Silently


I am also not a chicken.

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wage slave las vegas

For “energized Marxists and depressed Dilberts alike.”

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