By: Joshua Glenn
October 6, 2017

At age 50, some of my favorite HILO HERO authors wrote and published some of my favorite stories, novels, and comics. For example…

Philip K. Dick wrote VALIS.

Jean Baudrillard wrote Simulacra and Simulation.

Cicely Hamilton published Theodore Savage.

Olaf Stapledon wrote Star Maker.

S. Fowler Wright published The Amphibians.

John Buchan wrote Witch Wood.

Daniel Clowes published Mister Wonderful and The Death Ray.

Hermann Hesse published Steppenwolf.

Maurice Sendak illustrated The Big Green Book.

E.E. “Doc” Smith published Gray Lensman.

Murray Leinster‘s sci-fi story “A Logic Named Joe” predicted the Internet.

PS: This is HILOBROW’s 6,000th post.

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