Planned Parenthood Comics Kickstarter

September 4, 2017

As politics becomes more and more a realm of fantasy, art becomes the terrain of asserting truth. Art’s “base” is broader than any party’s and it’s a landscape all can interact in with confidence and curiosity. Anything can happen on the printed page, the canvas or the screen, and more can be said than in many precincts of the “real” world. Mass culture is the conductor of what people are feeling and is the history of what gets written out; Mine! is a gallery of memories, reveries, visions and alarms from the Trump-era frontlines of the last stand for personal choice and bodily safety. An anthology of comics from the all-too-real-world and the futures worth fighting for, Mine! will benefit Planned Parenthood and bring together many of the most important voices in pop culture, and their followings, including Neil Gaiman, Gail Simone, Becky Cloonan, Gabby Rivera, Gerard Way, Yona Harvey, Alitha Martinez, Mags Visaggio, Jamal Igle and Cliff Chiang, as well as HILOBROW regulars Adam McGovern (with artist Diana Leto) and Annie Nocenti (with rising star Natacha Bustos). As with much grassroots creativity these days, Mine! is a work of venture culture; Planned Parenthood will make significant, urgent sums if the crowdfunding campaign collects enough of your micro and medium contributions. The deadline is Sept. 15, the link is below and the choice is yours.


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