By: Chelsey Johnson
March 29, 2017

One in a series of enthusiastic posts, contributed by HILOBROW friends and regulars during 2017, on the subject of our favorite squads.


For disaffected twelve-year-olds Klara and Bobo, it starts with a clerical error. They’re hanging at the community center, and an all-male teen metal band called Iron Fist is ruining their lives from the practice room next door — until Klara figures out that they failed to sign up for the time slot. She and Bobo quickly pencil in their names and claim the space for themselves. It’s Sweden, so rules are rules and fair’s fair: Iron Fist are ushered out. It’s Sweden, so you can launch your new punk life by politely signing up on a clipboard. Egalitarianism + bureaucracy: maybe it’s the only way a crew of shrimpy girls can crash the macho infrastructure.

Klara and Bobo step up onto the stage with an awed uncertainty that swiftly gives way to glee. They have no idea what they’re doing, but they do it anyway.

I love a young girl band in any form, but unlike the Fabulous Stains, who looked more fabulous than stained, or the Runaways with their effortless shredded jeans and eyeliner, We Are The Best — Coco Moodysson’s 2008 graphic novel, and Lukas Moodysson’s 2013 film adaptation — gives us punk idols who weren’t born cool. Feisty Klara’s obviously got it in her, but then there’s baby-butch Bobo in her wire-rimmed specs and oversized sweaters, and their Christianity-tainted recruit Hedvig with her eyes-down shyness and serious classical guitar chops.

I love them because they’re cool without being cool. I love them because they never try to look hot, just different from their pragmatically feminine classmates. I love them because their only song, the atonally hollered “Hatar Sport,” is about hating sports. If I’d had the gall and luck to start a band in middle school, it would have looked like this, and I’d have dreamed of writing a song that bared my hatred of the school’s most sacred endeavor with such succinct fury.

Their band doesn’t even get or need a name. At first this jarred me: don’t they deserve that much, especially when so many of us merrily name bands well before (or instead of) starting them? But to name them would be to brand them, and that would be to limit them. You don’t need a label when your squad is, straight up, The Best.


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