By: John Overholt
March 8, 2017

One in a series of enthusiastic posts, contributed by HILOBROW friends and regulars during 2017, on the subject of our favorite squads.


"A literary party at Sir Joshua Reynolds's", engraved by D. George Thompson after James William Edmund Doyle, 1851. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
“A literary party at Sir Joshua Reynolds’s”, engraved by D. George Thompson after James William Edmund Doyle, 1851. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

If the essence of cool is having enough confidence in your coolness that you don’t have to show it off, how cool is it to gather some of the best minds of 18th century Britain together for dinner and call it simply The Club? Among the nine founding members of The Club are some of the greatest names of the era: Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and Oliver Goldsmith. (There’s also the less weighty but incredibly fun-to-say name Topham Beauclerk.)

The Club met weekly for dinner and conversation at the Turk’s Head Tavern in Soho, London, and provided companionship for the long-widowed Johnson, who was every bit as much a great talker as he was a great writer. Johnson sought members of such quality that if only any two of them turned up to dinner they would find each other’s company sufficient entertainment for the evening. But one early choice, the author Sir John Hawkins, feuded so intensely with Burke that Johnson coined the adjective “unclubbable” to describe him, and booted him from the group. Hawkins forgot the first (and second) rule of The Club: No fighting.

Johnson ruled new admissions with an iron fist as well, keeping his longtime friend David Garrick out for several years when Garrick had the temerity to say that he would agree to join without first having been asked. Even if you passed Johnson’s muster, he never let you forget who was top dog. Goldsmith once argued for new members to be admitted, saying “There can now be nothing new among us; we have traveled over one another’s minds.” Johnson icily replied, “Sir, you have not traveled over my mind, I promise you.”

The Club did not quite live up to its motto “Esto Perpetua” (Let it be perpetual) but it lasted into the 20th century. In 1911, Winston Churchill was blackballed for membership in The Club, and took the only remaining option open to him.

He founded The Other Club.


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