By: Mark Kingwell
February 22, 2017

One in a series of enthusiastic posts, contributed by HILOBROW friends and regulars during 2017, on the subject of our favorite squads.



They’re a band with a great R&B horn section. They’re a group of hackers, surgeons, test pilots, and renegade scientists working on cryogenetics and maybe time travel. They’re a street gang with varied weapons skills and demolitions specialties. They produce race cars, comic books, action figures, journal articles, mended brains, and broken hearts. The Hong Kong Cavaliers, Buckaroo Banzai’s hand-picked crew of dandyish comrades for adventures across the eighth dimension (1984) are a giddy mash-up of every all-sorts team of awesome from Doc Savage’s Fabulous Five and the Avengers to their own dark future inversion, Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs (1992).

The Cavaliers can do everything, they are everything: that’s the point. Coded by nickname — Reno, Rawhide, New Jersey, and Perfect Tommy, “the knight of the lesser boulevards” — they battle interdimensional villains from within Banzai Institute HQ in Holland Township. No uniforms needed for these paragons, just an array of riffs on slick early-’80s styling: skinny ties, hoisted jacket sleeves, popped collars. When New Jersey (Jeff Goldblum), a Columbia colleague of Buckaroo (Peter Weller), joins the Cavs at the film’s beginning he shows up wearing an outlandish Tom-Mix-style cowboy rig-out, complete with shearling chaps and vast silk neckerchief. No problem, he’ll fit right in; plus he can sing, and dance a little.

The film is a sublime goof of romance, SF, and comedy, featuring John Lithgow in a scenery-chewing performance as mad Dr. Emilio Lizardo, but its basic message is timeless. The evil Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems corporation (slyly migrated over from Pynchon’s V. [1963]), fronts for the invading Red Lectroids. In Yoyodyne’s Jersey factory a PA message is on permanent repeat: “The only joy is the joy of duty. Work… work… work…” The Cavaliers’ basic mission is the eternal one of idler’s emancipation: if you’re having fun, it’s not work. And remember… don’t be mean, we don’t have to be mean. Because no matter where you go, there you are.



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