By: Gordon Dahlquist
January 18, 2017

One in a series of enthusiastic posts, contributed by HILOBROW friends and regulars during 2017, on the subject of our favorite squads.



From 1976 to 1980 David Bowie maintained a core band of Carlos Alomar (rhythm guitar), George Murray (bass), and Dennis Davis (drums), the most sustained tenure of any set of players behind Bowie. This is the golden period of Bowie’s work — five studio records and a double-live set, a run to rival anything else in popular music — and three largely unsung guys are firmly at its core.

Alomar was first drafted by Bowie to provide the Philly soul sound for Young Americans in 1975. The band Alomar put together included drummer Davis, with whom he’d played for jazz artist Roy Ayers. When Bowie needed a new bass player for his next record, Davis called Murray, and the D.A.M. trio was formed. From those coke-fueled sessions that produced Station to Station to the jammed-out experimentation of the Berlin records to the end-of-an-era crunch of Scary Monsters (plus Iggy Pop’s The Idiot along the way), it was these two African-Americans and one Puerto Rican laying down the soulful bones of the whitest, artiest, and most arch of art-rockers.

The D.A.M. trio’s R&B musicianship knits these records together every bit as much as Bowie’s shifting sensibility. Whatever he throws at them, whatever new influence he’s trying to wrangle, they serve it right back, sorted. Different hired-gun guitarists appeared for each record, along with different producers, but the main arrangements were shaped by Alomar, Murray, and Davis, with everything else — vocals, lead guitar, and other instruments — to be over-dubbed after. Their rapport is palpable and infectious, and possessed of the same cool audacity that marks the records themselves. The playing is both incredibly adept and incredibly game, knocking out one classic after another like it’s nothing (and nothing like the last classic they knocked out, either). They are solid-gold pros working for a really cool boss who keeps changing his mind (and his face), while continually counting on them to make the whole thing work. Which, god damn, they do.


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  1. I really came to appreciate this band when they released an anniversary edition of Station to Station with a complete live concert from 1976. Unbelievably tight musicianship in service to incredible grooves and real vision. Their live version of “Stay” rocks as hard as anything Bowie did with Mick Ronson.

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