A very Kio Stark Xmas
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Dropping out, and educating yourself: these are subjects dear to HiLobrow’s heart. Here’s a great holiday gift for someone in your life who’s about to make the great mistake of going back to school.

kio stark

Earlier this year, HiLobrow’s friend Kio Stark kickstarted, wrote, and published Don’t Go Back to School, an incredibly helpful and inspiring “handbook for learning anything” (without going back to school, that is).

Kio’s book deconstructs the basic infrastructure that school provides — things like resources, expertise, evaluation, and a learning community — and it profiles passionate learners (tech journalist Quinn Norton, journalist Dan Sinker, podcaster Ben Walker, documentary director Astra Taylor, artist Molly Crabapple, photographer David Hirmes, others) who have taught themselves subjects like programming, history, writing, design, art, engineering, business, languages, philosophy, and many other skills, trades, and disciplines.

I keep my copy of Don’t Go Back to School my desk, and consult it all the time.

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