S. Fowler Wright
By: Joshua Glenn | Categories: HiLo Heroes, Radium Age SF

British accountant-turned-author SYDNEY FOWLER WRIGHT (1874–1965) self-published two libertarian, anti-Wellsian, yet gripping and rewarding Radium Age science fiction novels — both of which owe a debt to Dante’s allegorical themes and schemes. The Amphibians (1924; reissued, with extra chapters, in 1929 as The World Below) is a superman story set half a million years from now; the Earth’s dominant intelligent species are the giant Dwellers (who are self-destructively devoted to science) and the furry, telepathic Amphibians (who, we discover, are morally superior to twentieth-century men). The time-traveling protagonist is guided by an Amphibian across a Divina Commedia-like landscape of incredible horrors. Deluge (1927), meanwhile, is an eco-catastrophe in which land masses everywhere — except the English midlands — sink under the ocean. The ex-lawyer Martin and the valkyrie-like Claire do battle with working-class types and equally feral animals who threaten their new-found Eden. Deluge became a best-seller and was filmed in Hollywood, which allowed him to become a full-time writer — but from what I’ve managed to read so far, Fowler Wright didn’t produce anything else of lasting interest. Except, I hasten to add, for his Huxley-esque 1932 story collection, The New Gods Lead, in which we find cranky parables about future societies warped by the triumph of technological and cultural progress, in the form of, e.g., birth control, eugenics, mechanical devices, psychotropic chemistry, and the pursuit of comfort generally.


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