Micro-Fic Contest — Ended
By: HILOBROW | Categories: Original Fiction, Serial Fiction

HiLobrow’s seventh micro-fiction contest ended last night at 9pm EST. The judges are now reading the entries — and you can, too. They’re in the comments section of this post. We’ll announce the winners on March 19.

Here’s one last comic-book origin story. There’s no WAY this unlikely yarn will ever succeed.

The contest is sponsored by our friends at the used and rare bookseller Pazzo Books.


PAST CONTEST WINNERS! 1. (RADIUM AGE SF) TROUBLED SUPERHUMAN: Charles Pappas, “The Law” | 2. (RADIUM AGE SF) CATASTROPHE: Timothy Raymond, “Hem and the Flood” | 3. TELEPATHY: Rachel Ellis Adams, “Fatima, Can You Hear Me?” | 4. OIL SPILL: A.E. Smith, “Sound Thinking | 5. LITTLE NEMO CAPTION: Joe Lyons, “Necronomicon” | 6. SPOOKY-KOOKY: Tucker Cummings, “Well Marbled”



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