The Feral Drones
By: Matthew Battles | Categories: Most Visited, Poetry, Uncanny

KNIFING and dipping, they roughen the incoming
   tide, until suddenly falling one swerves;

Snapping at elvers unreaching unknowing,
   broken and dripping, the silvery nerves;

Making sharp with the glint and the scale of the sacrifice,
   hecatomb wet in the salt-laden wind;

Pealing from towers of unalloyed elements,
   routes and celestial patterns unwind.

Turtle and albatross, eels ever migrating,
   metal and flood and the alphabet taste;

Odorless chemistry, sand repositioning
   sand in the spin of it, sand in the waste;

Flocking unmocked by the war spells unburdening
   wings that are paralyzed, eyeless they fly;

Knowing undone in the swerve of the afterburn,
   pyres of code in the writeable sky.




Matthew Battles, Hilobrow's cofounder, has written about language, history, and the natural world for many publications. When he makes poems, he puts them here. A fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, he's also the author of Library, An Unquiet History.