Spooky-Kooky Contest Winners
By: HILOBROW | Categories: Original Fiction, Serial Fiction

HiLobrow is pleased to announce the winners of our most recent contest! The contest was sponsored by World Book Market, a co-operative formed by quality booksellers around the world.

THE CHALLENGE was to write a short-short story that was egregiously dismal, spooky, perhaps scary, yet also funny.

THE DEADLINE was March 20 at 9 PM ET. Our judges were HiLobrow editor Matthew Battles, HiLobrow’s Magister Ludi (Patrick Cates), and Tom Nealon, proprietor of Pazzo Books and a charter member of the World Book Market. Competition was fierce, yet conducted with politesse — a Goreyesque agon. In the end, though, it was easy to agree on our first-, second-, and third-place winners. Here they are!

WINNER: “Well Marbled,” by Tucker Cummings

SECOND PLACE: “Beauty Rest,” by Ryan Blanchard

THIRD PLACE: “The Spider George,” by Guy Pursey

THE PRIZES: First prize is a first-edition hardcover copy of Edward Gorey’s collection, Amphigorey Too [cover detail above]. First runner-up prize is a discount of 50% (maximum discount: $35) for a purchase from any World Book Market member, PLUS a Gorey coloring book. Second runner-up prize is a discount of 50% (maximum discount: $25) for a purchase from any World Book Market member PLUS a Gorey bookmark assortment. NOTE: These discounts will expire at the end of May 2011.

In addition to those prizes, the winning — and the rest of us — will see their entries posted next week on HiLobrow.com.

Many thanks, readers, for your excellent contest entries.



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