Unfinished Objects
By: Matthew Battles | Categories: Codebreaking

The latest wrinkle from Field Notes, the Moleskine killer notebook brand created by omnicapable hipster design studio Coudal Partners: the unfinished notebook. You set the logo on the cover yourself using dry-transfer type like the once-indispensable Letraset kits. They’re available for a limited time only, in three-packs and… in quarterly subscriptions as well.

Of course, your notebook doesn’t have to say “FIELD NOTES”; you’re an individual after all. Be creative! But it had better be witty and insouciant — your network will notice if it isn’t. And whatever your notebook ends up saying, there are a lot of letters left. Look around: the refrigerator, the fishbowl, the guitar… the world is filled with unfinished objects.



Matthew Battles, Hilobrow's cofounder, has written about language, history, and the natural world for many publications. When he makes poems, he puts them here. A fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, he's also the author of Library, An Unquiet History.