Kirb Your Enthusiasm (22)
By: Toni Schlesinger | Categories: Read-outs

Twenty-second in a series of posts, each one analyzing a single panel from a Jack Kirby-drawn comic book.


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Comic-book panels are like suffocating rooms. Most of the time characters have no choice but to be trapped in them — except in Jack Kirby’s rooms everybody is punching, flying, kicking their way out. There is also a lot of screaming and let’s blast through this door. The panel above is a calmer scene from “Let Me Plan Your Murder,” in Real Clue Crime Stories v.2 #6 (August 1947), a story that featured secret rooms. Real Clue stories were reportedly based on true events, this one about the serial killer H.H. Holmes who built a “Castle of Horror” near the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition and confessed to killing 27 people — many of them young women who went skipping through the Fair saying, in high, ringing voices, “Oh, look at the advances in milking cows.” Holmes would lure them back to a building full of windowless rooms that had gas lines for asphyxiation, a bank vault for suffocation, and furnaces. In this panel, Holmes is doing away Pietzel, who was — oh, never mind.

Kirby grew up on New York’s Lower East Side where there are all those inky, brown brick, 19th-century tenements with dark-eyed windows and sometimes none at all. I’ve read that Kirby was always in street fights which was the pastime back then: “Gimme that or I’ll smash your head in.”

Kirby looks so still in his photographs. What was inside Kirby’s head? I only know what’s in mine, of course, as we all do. Though artists and writers offer a peek; they go public, sometimes, at least partly. Though even they don’t know entirely what is entirely in there. Because the minute they think about it, a new thought, a new monster appears.


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