Rebooting is no nostalgia trip — nor is it snarkily ironic.

Parker and Valicenti parse Young’s “Back in Black” solo.

Distributed Ghosts in the Machine

YouTube and the Pop Paranormal.

Statue of David Hume

The third in our run of winning spooky-kooky microfictions!

Parker and Valicenti parse Young’s “Shot Down in Flames” solo.

For all his candor as a performer, he kept one thing from the public…


Charlie Brown & le Misère du Monde.


Beauty and catastrophe in parallax.

Parker and Valicenti parse Young’s “Sin City” solo.

cort thmb

His role as Harold made him an icon: flattened, but illuminated and sacred.


The runner-up story in our spooky kooky contest!

Parker and Valicenti parse Young’s two “Problem Child” solos.

idle butcher

The winning tale from our Spooky-Kooky Fiction Contest!

Introducing a series of posts about Angus Young’s solos…


A panel from Jack Kirby’s NEW GODS (1971) haunts Adam McGovern.


Nimoy vs. the Vulcan Sub-Presence Manifestation Utility.

Drumroll, please…

“All Lean’s movies are Life Epics, about individuals… and their dawning conscience.”


Field Notes turns branding into making.

A mischief maker who reinvented himself as a master of rue.

Her research bore fruit in a dozen mathematical fields.

Harpo and Groucho needed an unflappable, ersatz Italian confidence man.

Theorizing in a style that must be described as cheerful despair.

We’ll announce the winners on March 25.