Hypothetical Development

By: Joshua Glenn
September 23, 2010

Over at our sister site Significant Objects, S.O. cofounder Rob Walker has announced his latest side project: Hypothetical Development.

Ellen Susan, G.K. Darby, and Walker have identified a number of neglected buildings around New Orleans. Repulsed by slick “Future Use” development signage, the Hypothetical Development team has instead dreamed up fantastical and/or science-fictional future uses for these buildings (e.g., The Museum of the Self, The Loitering Centre). They propose to illustrate these imaginary future uses, print them onto 3′X5′ signage, and display them on the neglected buildings.

They’re raising money for this project on Kickstarter. Check it out!

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What do you think?

  1. Graffiti as 3’x5′ pseudobusiness signage? Cool!

    Loitering is also kind of imaginary. Where are you when you loiter? Not really “there.”

  2. I love the concept but wish the photos could/would be done maintaining some of the beautiful architectural styles that new orleans is known for. Maybe the project plans to, but doesn’t look like it based on the only hypothetical design on-line.

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