Secret Panel (1)

By: Jason Grote
September 17, 2010

First in a series of twelve posts celebrating our favorite Silver Age comic double entendres.

A widely-circulated viral classic: the setup-punchline nature of this panel is so perfect that it could have been written by Robert Smigel.

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Comics, Haw-Haw

What do you think?

  1. I did a little research at the obsessive blog JLA Satellite this morning, and figured out that this panel comes from Justice League of America #44 (May 1966). The story is titled “The Plague That Struck the Justice League!” — and this happens to be the first issue of JLA that gives story credit: it’s by Gardner Fox.

  2. Fox did all those early, nutty JLA stories that had the superheroes standing around stiffly (as drawn by Mike Sekowski). Lots of great demented Silver Age stuff, though not quite as brilliantly demented as The Flash, The Doom Patrol, Metal Men, or Adam Strange.

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