Whiskey Tech

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Of Compromises on a Wednesday

flea photomicrographic 1900-20

Photomicro­graphic depiction of a flea, c. 1920.

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His legs disappeared into the black void of the slip-stream.

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”

Japanese Process

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The doctor foresaw ugly complica­tions…

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Atlas Tyres, 1910s

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Lose This Skin

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Showing that Sereda Is Feminine

anita loos

Not all millionaires are men, nor gold-diggers blondes.

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I hadn’t been over Berlin since 1945.

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Her theme was the corrosive effects of fear and paranoia.

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This enigma brown or yellow or black…

1903 frank reade

Frank Reade, 1903

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A brilliant, ferocious opponent of the “crut.”

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Self-Reflexive Mexican

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Requirements of Bread and Butter

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Surely to God I’d had enough of life behind bars.


He’s demonstrated the artistic legitimacy of mocap.

bennie railplane

1929 “Bennie Railplane” advertisement

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Four men occupied the raft. Three of them were white.


His early Hollywood music was darker than we recall.

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From Stuart Little and Animal Farm to That Hideous Strength.


Chris Rossi’s Meadowland to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival