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John Holbo on Robert E. Howard’s CONAN mythos.

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A worm, a long white worm, had crawled out of the shaft.


A visionary composer and improviser.

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Tom Nealon on Fritz Leiber’s TWO SOUGHT ADVENTURE


He reveals the underside of the human mask.

terminator x

His beats lit up the late ’80s with a genuine fire.

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Adam McGovern on C.L. Moore’s JIREL OF JOIRY

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Shortcomings of Prince Jurgen

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Gordon Dahlquist on Lovecraft’s THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME


Her alter ego provided her with protection and permission.

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Lynn Peril on Fritz Leiber’s CONJURE WIFE


A husky contralto and vivid lyricism

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Andrew Hultkrans on Lovecraft’s AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

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Robert Silverberg’s DYING INSIDE

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In the cave it was always a dusky twilight.

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Josh Glenn on Robert E. Howard’s THE HOUR OF THE DRAGON

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“My respirator had flown goodness knows where.”


Diana Leto on Burroughs’s TARZAN AND THE LION MAN

blind circle

Maurice Renard and Albert Jean’s BLIND CIRCLE

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Molly Sauter on Herbert Read’s THE GREEN CHILD


“Beauty has no relation to price, rarity, or age.”

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A most enigmatic photographer.

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Suzanne Fischer on E.R. Eddison’s MISTRESS OF MISTRESSES